Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's that a prescription for? Tangled Alphabets at MoMA

The current MoMA exhibition, Tangled Alphabets, is a kick in the ass for anyone who's ever debated the primacy of the fine arts vs. the literary arts.  As this untitled, 1967 piece by Mira Schendel suggests, the distinction is illusory.  Schendel's work touches upon the archaic nature of text and it uncanny ability to find expression "in between the lines."  The Argentine Leon Ferrari is also featured in the exhibition.  A contemporary of Schendel, Ferrari experimented with thin metal wire, deriving sculptures that appear to be 3-D text, or a blown-up microscopic view of a letter's DNA.  Schendel and Ferrari write next year's language; and, as we all know, next year never comes.  (image taken from theartnewspaper.com)

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