Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Art We're Over: "Funny" Charts.

Yes, the "viral graph" had its moment in the sun.  The "Rick Rolled" graphs were kinda funny, as were the ones based on rap songs when they first appeared on Ebaums.  I'm not embarassed to say that I've spent my fair share of time on, but now, artists and illustrators are taking these humorous charts and including them in their online portfolios.  Are we really supposed to believe that these one-note pie-charts and venn-diagrams are art?

I'm absolutely ready to call LOL Cats art because they take something that exists out in the world and breathe new meaning into it, often by turning it on its head (I can has Duchamp, anyone?).  But these charts and graphs I see all over town (aka the art+design blogosphere) are just too facile for me to really believe in.  There's no new meaning, no deeper read, nothing more than surface cleverness put down on paper (or pixels) in a few quick moments' time.

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