Monday, May 4, 2009

I'll Have a Salome on Rye, Hold the Mayo: Paintings by Erik Gecas


Maybe I've been watching too many Vincent Price movies lately, but when I saw this painting, I literally cooed---- tell me this chick doesn't look like she fell out of a 60's campy, horror flick! And what a nice grisaille! That red is just perfect! This lovely piece, Erik Gecas's "Salome Losing Her Charm" is just beautifully painted. I can't help but admit that it really does my shriveled, bile filled heart good to stumble upon a masterfully dark and campy painter like Mr. Gecas from time to time.

The icing on the cake here is that Salome is one of my favorite ladies of all time, not that I'm advocating Saint murder, I just think she's an interesting femme fatale. (Yes, I will likely be one of those mothers who names her daughters after notorious whores from literature.)

More drool worthy pieces:


  1. 1. Allie--who the fuck are "those mothers who names her daughters after notorious whores from literature"?

    2. I saw Salome at the Met this season for the first time and loved it (and not just for the full frontal nudity during the dance of the seven veils...)

  2. Love Erik's paintings. Thanks for posting this. It is amazing!