Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sound of One Hand Painting: John Sarra's Tone Poems

Good art can be interpreted, but the best art does something more--it moves you. Both visually and intellectually, the viewer walks away changed. St. Louis artist John Sarra's work somehow manages to both sooth and challenge. His paintings are tenderly rendered with soft, distinct stokes that lend a very gentle rhythm to the paint surface. In a word, they are meditative. But the calm is short lived; in the reflections and silhouette, there is always a surprise. There is something lurking in the shallows or floating in the light, bringing your attention to an unexpected conversion of organic to man-made.

His show John Sarra: Tone Poems opens on Thursday (TODAY), May 14 and runs until June 20th at the Schmidt Art Center in Belleville, IL.
So you want to contemplate some more.... yeah, you do:

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