Friday, May 15, 2009

Try Writing with this 'Fountain' Pen: Julius Popp's Bit.Fall

In the fall of 2006, artist Julius Popp exhibited his piece Bit.Fall at the Kemper Museum in St. Louis, MO, where I was living at the time. A fountain built with 'custom electonics,' Popp's piece used water droplets to spell out words.

At the time I thought it was so cool, even when a professor of mine at the time grumbled, "That thing's going to be in every mall in America in 10 years." Three years and a lot of you-tubing later, I grudgingly have to admit that my professor was right. The fountain has made its way to Japan, delighting locals and tourists by writing in English and Japanese and creating pictures of dolphins and stars.

So now what? Is it still high art that's just been brought to the masses, or was it just a flashy gimmick all along? Maybe its not 'high art' any longer, but instead has become a viral-video-as-art kind of art?
Regardless of what it is, you can watch the video here:
And see what the museum had to say about it here:

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