Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snake on a Plain: Elsie Taliaferro Hill

While flipping through the New York Gallery Guide on the train the other day, I came across an ad for a show at Nabi Gallery feauring the work of artist Elsie Talieferro Hill. The image accompanying the advertisement (shown at left) was an unusal East-meets-West painting depicting a single snake surrounded by birds on a snowy ground, brightly colored and stylized sumi-ink-esque mountains rising in the background. The image felt immediately familiar to me; it was the kind of allegorical painting you feel like you've seen before in a dream. Like any good little blogger, I went straight home and hit the internet up for more information about the artist and her work.

What I discovered upon further investigation was not terribly shocking: Ms. Hill is an artist making beautiful paintings and showing at Nabi Gallery (OK, so maybe the internet really isn't all that informative and I really can find out everything I want to know reading those hard publications we used to rely on). I also discovered numerous examples of her other work, many of which contrast simple painterly washes with more worked up and detailed images of animals and nature. A painter myself, I really appreciate Ms. Hill's whites, which are hardly whites at all, but rather are subtly toned and shaded areas of color. With her beautiful washy paint, lovely images of nature, and whites full of color, Elsie Taliaferro Hill is absolutely a painter's painter, which is just one of many reasons why we here at F***ART are big fans!

Interested in more? (You should be.)
Elsie Taliaferro Hill:
Nabi Gallery (Where her show Pangaea runs until May 30th):

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