Thursday, May 7, 2009

Art Critic Bitchslaps: David Bonetti vs. Ivy Cooper

Anyone who's ever been to St. Louis, MO knows the name David Bonetti, the city's one and only art critic. Personally, I don't think Bonetti is much of a writer. I've heard others call him a rascist, a dick, and totally glib.  Recently, Bonetti was part of an art critic smack-down after writing a scathing (and again, not very well written) review of artist Cindy Tower's show of paintings at Sheldon Galleries. Cindy fired back with a YouTube video promoting a device she called the "Bonetti Cheese Cutter."  The local papers had a field day, publishing articles like the point-counter-point which appeared in the Riverfront Times.  Most recently, Art in America published a glowing review of Cindy's show, just to round out the criticism.

But don't let ANY of these jerks tell you what to think, see Cindy Tower's work for yourself:  (We here at F***ART may be a little biased.  It's no secret that we like flatulence jokes.)


  1. I'm unsure why anyone, including Cindy cared what Bonetti said... I just didn't get it.

  2. "I've heard others call him a rascist, a dick, and totally glib." ...really? Who said that- the other girls at the lockers?
    C'mon Ladies- try harder!