Sunday, May 10, 2009

That's For My Windshield!!! The Art of Polly Morgan

Just because she doesn't hunt down the flying rats and tree climbing, disease bags that plague our fair land, there is no reason that that higher mammals can't rejoice at Polly Morgan's spectacular taxidermy scultpures/installations. From a technical point of view, her craft is flawless; every feather is perfectly in place. I've been known to get a bit squeamish around the macabre, but Morgan's works are a tasteful and poignant takes on death, and even the most squeamish of us will see their beauty. 

Morgan's creatures are not specimens, but beautiful beings who we are witnessing passing from one world to the next; she emphasizes how precious life is, and the preciousness of each of her animals. Each creature is lovingly interred in a thoughtful pose, including in the work above, "To Every Seed His Own Body." This particular work reminds me of Snow White; actually, it makes me understand Snow White. I never really had a visual connection with the idea of a glass coffin to mourn the passing of beauty (what can I say, all the open casket funerals that I have been to were for relatives long past the whole beauty phase). But when I look at this little bird, I must confess that I am overwhelmed with a desire to cry about this exquisite little life's blossom fading to rot.

More sentimental moments:

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