Saturday, May 9, 2009

F***ART gets called out for calling out David Bonetti for calling out Cindy Tower.

The saga continues! Drink it up ya'll, drink it up.

For the record, no, those were not 'girls in the locker room' I was referring to, but rather the opinions of several arts professionals (sometimes there isn't much difference). Also, why are we targeting women here! Can't men talk shit too? And I realize that I may be calling the kettle black about the writing thing--I find plenty of typos on F***ART--the difference is I write for a tiny art blog that makes flatulence jokes while Mr. Bonetti is the lead art critic at the biggest publication in a major city.  My point was simply that his work is not my personal favorite when I compare it with that of his professional peers, and I have never been awed by his command of the English language.

But for real, Mr. Colin of shawart blog and Mr. David Bonetti of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, I respect you both for sharing your opinions so honestly. That's really what F***ART is all about--calling it like we see it and keeping the dialogue open! (Also, let us all please note that I personally did not call Mr. Bonetti "a dick" or "racist"  but that rather, I know people who have--and I really honestly do!)

The real question here is who is going to call out Colin for calling me out for calling out David Bonetti for calling out Cindy Tower? Somebody keep this thing going (if only to increase F***ART's hits!)


  1. What the big deal here, Bonetti IS a dick, and a self important, know it all, nasty dick.

  2. OMG! Mr. Strembicki?! LOL!

  3. Oh also, Ladies- thanx for the invite to write, but I am terribly slow at that. On the other cheek, I DO fart a lot, so perhaps I can work one out... er, uhhh- I mean work something out... *sigh*