Friday, April 24, 2009

When Your Easter Bunny Eats Pierogi...

...then you might get these little gems scattered on your lawn and flower beds. Ukrainian pysanka are pretty spectacular. Making them involves blowing out your eggs (stop giggling), waxing, and many dye jobs. Sounds like a productive weekend, right? Well, you would be lucky to get one of these guys done in under 100 hours, assuming you have the skill and practice to do it in the first place. It is interesting that these pysanka are on the fine line between craft and art. Sure, they are a decorative craft, but there is the potential for so much artistry to go into them. As such, they demand high prices and can be found in museums, though mostly ones devoted to traditional, cultural art. I think these little beauties could easily make the jump to fine art if some contemporary artist decided to incorporate them in a more conceptual installation at a museum or gallery. Any takers? provided this pysanka image.

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