Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Webcomics That Rule: Pictures For Sad Children

Series Title: Pictures For Sad ChildrenAuthor/Artist: John Campbell
Representational: Yes
Narrative: On occasion (some recurring characters)
Sequential: On occasion
Safe For Work: No
Output: Several times a week
Summary in three words: simple, depressing, genius

This may be my very favorite webcomic. It takes only a few strips before you understand John Campbell's "unrendered" technique, which is perhaps more of a code of drawing than a style. How a comic could be so utterly simple in aesthetics and so economical in dialogue and still manage to be funny is nothing short of amazing. It has everything to do with timing, and Campbell can "write" timing like nobody's business. This is one of a handful of webcomics which will actually produce an involuntary lol, and then you'll be like, "god I'm on the internet and I really lolled, I have to text somebody."

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