Monday, April 27, 2009

i can has found art? LOL cats, motivational posters, and fail videos.

Marcel Duchamp, eat your heart out: you may have started the movement of found art, but it has been perfected by generation y techies. Instead of signing a pseudonym on a urinal, it's become all the rage in this day and age to write a funny caption on a picture someone else took.  When it comes to found art, the internet has provided a never-ending stream of creativity and hilarity.  It seems like almost every week I find a new blog that's just so funny, I add it to my daily blog-check. (Current favorites include,, and  And those are only the still images--video art on the internet has experienced a similar boom/democratization.  The line between YouTube video and video art becomes less and less clear everyday because of videos from "LonelyGirl15" and that guy who took a picture of himself everyday for 40 years, and my number one favorite "Benny Lava."

So the question here is this: if Joseph Kosuth can stick a chair, a picture of a chair, and the definition of "chair" on a gallery wall, then shouldn't the captioning of cat pictures by a fat, lonely star-wars fans be considered art?

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