Monday, April 20, 2009

Brazilian Bombshell Amaro Francisco

Maybe it was the Brazilian friend-of-a-friend who melted down while being my houseguest recently. Maybe it was the Brazilian model who visited my office not long ago. Maybe it was all those idiots on facebook asking me to "prevent the 'artistic' death of an animal" in Rio. Maybe it was my recent viewing of the fine film "Cannibal Holocaust." Whatever spurred my desire to blog about Brazilian art really doesn't matter once you look at the gorgeous print above by renowned Brazilian folk artist Amaro Francisco. (Yes, I have one of these babies hanging in my living room and I admire on the daily).

One of my favorite folk artists, Francisco's prints are widely available, totally cool, and reasonably priced. A little bit of an outsider/folk/naive art lover myself, I love that such work remains prized more for its beauty more so than for its value as an investment (for the most part, anyway). So keep an eye open for an upcoming series of posts about outsider and folk art. And while you're waiting, check out, where I purchased my Amaro Francisco print.

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