Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The artworld dealt it, and "How's My Dealing" smelt it

Remember the last time you went to an art show and thought, 'Ugh. Who'd this artist sleep with to get this crap up on these walls?'  Well, now you can actually find out thanks to the New York artworld's most shameless and yet simultaneously truth-revealing blog.  Probably the most ubiquitous website for young artists and arts professionals in New York after Nyfa.org, 'How's my Dealing' brings home real talk and juicy gossip straight from the keyboards of the people who have actually seen and heard all our favorite gallery gods from "Scene and Herd."  One can only hope such a site will keep the 'unregulated securites market' that is the artworld a little more honest...but I for one am not going to hold my breath.

The gallerina's guilty pleasure: http://howsmydealing.blogspot.com/

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