Monday, April 20, 2009

Now kids, if you aren't good, I'll subject you to scary scary photography

Alright, so it isn't fine art but you could totally see this up at the Whitney, right?
Our tale starts by remembering back to your Elementary school days.... do you remember studying Mexico? Do you remember how Mexico City is built on a swamp (remember the eagle on a rock in the swamp with the snake, thing? and then the Aztecs... anyone, anyone, Bueller?)? OK, so Mexico City is still on a swamp. Just outside the city are a series of islands connected to the rest of the metropolis by canals and other watery goodness. One of these islands is simply referred to as 'Island of the Dolls.' Years ago, a young girl drowned in the water and so one man started hanging up dolls to appease/comfort her spirit. Thus, the nightmare pictured above (from trazzler). for more bad dreams:

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