Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Kind of Voodoo Do You Do? Haitian Voodoo flags

Before painter/glitter king/dung decorator extraodinaire Chris Ofili was pissing off Mayor Giuliani, the folk artists of Haiti were sticking sequins on the faces of saints for centuries.  Voodoo flags (aka "vodou flags") are the best known of the Haitian arts and have grown increasingly more popular in recent decades.  Originally created to be used in religious ceremonies, the flags are now mostly made for decorative purposes.  Frequently depicting mermaid goddesses (Sirene), Catholic saints, and a cast of other unusual folk and religious characters, these flags are unbelievably cool.  Check out the guy above who has FUCKING SNAKES coming out of his mouth and ass.  Sexy topless mermaids? Jesus made out of sequins? Snakes out the butt?  No, you haven't died and gone to hipster heaven (if you had, there would certainly be more ironic moustaches/beards), you're looking at some real hand-beaded historically significant shit right now.  So drink it up before Urban Outfitters starts selling them and they become passe and made in China.

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