Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blood Diamonds: "Damien Hirst Trips Over a Diamond the Size of his Head and Dies"

Here are some things I’d rather do than continue to think about Damien Hirst this week: 

1. Watch more Bloomberg campaign ads

2. Clean my cats’ litter box

3. Look at Ryan Seacrest’s shit-eating face

4. Try to get my health insurance company to provide me with basic services

5. Become friends with the idiot I’m watching get screamed at by Judge Judy

However, when I came across this jewel (pun intended), I just had to continue to expend energy worrying about Mr. Hirst’s rich ass.  The image above is an edition of work by a duo of Dutch artists known as PIEK! and is entitled “Damien Hirst Trips Over a Diamond of his Head and Dies.”  Wouldn't we all love for the only casualty of Hirst's gratuitous use of blood diamonds to have been himself?  

Luck for you, there are still a few available! see more here:

Also check out there series of self portraits (photos taken by people selling mirrors on craigslist. genius).


  1. While I am NOT defending him (I think he sucks), Hirst claims that he made every effort to insure that the diamonds used in his work are ethically sourced.

  2. I've heard mixed things about this diamond issue. In June 2007 the NY Times published this:

    'Given the ongoing controversy over blood diamonds from Africa, “For the Love of God” now has the potential to be about death in a more literal way. “That’s when you stop laughing,” Hirst says. “You might have created something that people might die because of."'

    I also kind of wonder exactly the relatively vague term "ethically sourced" really means. I hope that he did make efforts to not use blood diamonds, but I definitely have doubts.