Sunday, October 18, 2009

All that glitters is not worth $100 MIL...

Piggybacking off Allie's last post, I thought I'd give ya'll a side-by-side skull comparison. At left is Damien Hirst's "For the love of God, 2007"  valued at $100,000,000; at right is one of Pottery Barn's newest Halloween acessories "Glitter Skull" valued at $19.  Remind you of one of these shitty fashion magazine features entitled "Blow the rent, Pay the rent?"


  1. $100M is a stretch. Although it cost about $28M to produce, one collector valued it at less than $20M. Hirst claimed to have sold it for $100M, but he can't prove it (especially since if he did he definitely didn't pay the taxes on it). "The Art Newspaper" reported that he had lowered his asking price to $72M after not being able to find a buyer, though he denies this.

    Nonetheless, I do like the Pottery Barn version better.

  2. I've heard he bought partial ownership of the work himself to get it up to the $100M pricetag, but who knows.

    I wonder what people have to say about the effects of his use of all these diamonds; we all know how corrupt that industry is, and I imagine his ordering of such a large lot (what, about $10M?) had a measurable effect on the lives of a lot of people.